Restival Arizona 2016

Restival Arizona 2016 was an unprecedented success.  The Navajo people taught us their wise ways in Peacemaking, Astronomy, Sweat Lodges, Art and much more.  We held yoga and gong mediation practices daily as well as many other incredible workshops.  People said their lives had changed as a result of this, and all participants have still found themselves in touch with each other. It was incredible - the energy that these humans created, the bonds they formed. There was so much love.

Humanity needs Restival
— Albert Nells, Navajo Sweatlodge Expert

The 2016 attendees were pioneers, they took the leap and walked away with a new set of friends.  Here they are at sunset, after a Sound Immersion.  Getting ready for dinner.  Even seasoned travellers like Conde Nast Magazine were amazed at how incredible Restival is.  "You're a visionary" said Daniel Sheffler from CNT.  2017 will be bigger, better and brighter than ever. 

Caroline Jones