London Rooftop Restival


A Mini-Retreat atop Shoreditch House London

On a sunny Saturday morning in August, about 40 guests gathered on the rooftop of Shoreditch House, launching our inaugural ‘Rooftop Restival’ all ready to start the weekend with some rest and relaxation overlooking the City. What a wonderful way to start the weekend, after a week jam-packed with stress and activity.

Our two hour ‘retreat’ inspired Shoreditch House members to disconnect through a carefully curated series of practices that we call Restival. Founder Caroline Jones, introduced the day by opening with the ethos of Restival. She discussed upcoming trips to Arizona with the Navajo, and the Moroccan Sahara with the Nomads. Each Restival immerses itself alongside indigenous tribes, grounded in nature, with yoga, meditation, wellness, music, and workshops focusing on story telling, art, and self-reflection.


The proceedings were handed over to our resident life coach, Anne Lloyd, who set guests a task of learning the art of the body’s intelligence; becoming aware of the busy mind and learning how to trust the direct experience of the body through sensations.

We then moved from the mental, to the physical, as yoga teacher and Gong Master, Leo Cosendai led a Pranayama Yoga session. An interesting new experience for many, focusing on the importance of breath control. By the end of this session, you could really start to feel the energy in the space changing – it was incredible. We finished with a meditation led by the impactful career and life coach, Anne Loyd. The series was concluded with a reading from resident our storyteller Richard Hamilton's book.


We had achieved our aim; as everyone felt grounded, looked calm and content, rested and ready. All that was left, was to revive them with an array of botanical beverages from the wonderful Wild Fizz Kombucha, exchange final words on the magic of Restival and parting ways with a special Nomadic Travel Pouch designed just for the day with a copy of Suitcase Magazine for a nice read on the journey home.

We look forward to more Rooftop Restivals to come, but even more, we look forward to greeting some of our inaugural attendees to one of Restivals around the world.

Caroline Jones