Restival London

Restival has created some amazing once in a lifetime experiences over the last few years, and on our travels we've met some fascinating people, in particular our beautiful Navajo friends The Benally Family.  Three generations of a traditional Navajo clan have brought their ancient wisdom and wellness talents to our Arizona event for the last two years.  

Extraordinary things happen at Restival and this event is no exception.  The Benally Family rarely leave their homestead, close to the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, but when we discovered they were planning to visit France this March, we took the opportunity to invite them to the UK.  They happily accepted! 

We then stumbled across a brand new location, opening mid-March in Hammersmith called Re:Centre - a place to rediscover your centre.  It's a beautiful light-filled wellness space, on the River Thames that's easy to get to. 

Our London family from the world of wellness are co-creating a weekend residency with us at Re:Centre including the celebrated author and astrologer, Shelley von Strunckel - a voice of reason and authority in the often confusing fields of Spirituality and Astrology.  Together, we have curated two days of wellness and cultural experiences, traditional Navajo bodywork, performance, world music and workshops.   This is the first time that the Benally Family have performed in London and we are honored to bring Restival's unique combination of wellness & native wisdom to life in this brand new location.  

From the evening of Friday March 23rd Friday to Saturday March 24th, we have curated a series of unique experiences that will recharge your batteries and introduce you to the wise ways of the Navajo that should not be missed. 


Restival_Benali Family_Michael Drummond_5.jpg
Caroline Jones