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Vedic Meditation


Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consult

Andrés Norén

Andrés Norén is the Founder & Director of the Meditation Room.

He is a long term teacher of Vedic Meditation and an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant. Mentored by leaders in the field of Vedic studies, he completed his training in Northern India at the foot of the Himalayas.

He applies this ancient health and well being technology in a contemporary and relatable way, with an approach that focuses on the immediate and everyday experiences of his clients.

He is committed to helping his clients to find the peace, balance and inner strength so that they can inhabit their lives more fully, taking a step towards a sustainable, creative and fulfilling future.

Andres teaches and mentors professionals and creatives from diverse fields and industries, both in the UK and internationally. He is based in East London.

Vedic Meditation is a simple, natural, mental technique that is practised sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. This practical process is designed to rest the body deeply and settle the mind into a more peaceful, less agitated state. Regular contact with this restful condition releases the deep stresses and soothes mental turmoil that can burden our daily experiences. 

The teaching process is practical and straightforward, delivering ancient wisdom in a contemporary and relevant way while equipping you with the tools, knowledge and understanding necessary to sustain a self-sufficient daily practice.

The approach is conversational, life-centred, focusing on direct personal experience and creative self development.

Meditation refines the practice of human living.

Andrés advises clients on living an Ayurvedic life. He has an extensive knowledge on nutrition and often assists clients with weight loss. This specialist advice is an extremely powerful practice that can be adopted on a daily basis as a cornerstone to living a healthy, practical life in a busy world.

Restival’s founder, Caroline has adopted Andrés’ advice and lost two dress sizes as a result!


“I’ve been besieged by deadlines for longer than I can remember. It’s all I can measure anything by, gain pleasure and value from. And sustaining it at the cost of any real intimacy or shared experience has impoverished my life. In teaching me Vedic Meditation, Andres has revealed to me quite how tired and wired I was. And how trapped in a loop I’ve been. I now feel more rested, stable and less easily agitated. I’m better able to face the day without a starters gun. And have started to invest more time for myself, so I can begin to get to know my life a little better, and explore it with a little more enthusiasm.”

Gavin, Post Production Director

"I have been languishing in and out of depression for years now. It has kept me on what felt like the outside of my life; never quite able to to fully engage and commit to anything or anyone before this dark blanket covers me. After many attempts at dealing with this problem, with limited success, I decided to give Vedic Meditation a try. It was its simplicity that threw me at first.
But Andres has a wonderful way of explaining how and why its simplicity is its power. His wit, insight and continuous support has helped me understand my condition as more like ‘something I wear, rather than something I’m confined to’.
I’m noticing more and more that my symptoms arise when I’m not being honest in attending to my own needs, or honouring my interests and passions by exploring them more fully.
As in reality, it’s in those moments that I really feel alive, and purposeful. Vedic Meditation has given me a graceful way back to myself. And I’m thankful for being here for the first time, in a long time.”

- brian, bookseller & comic book artist