Restival & The Navajo Horseman in Malibu

Following the amazing residency at Ceremony Meditation, Venice, California this summer, we conclude this series of Rooftop Restival with a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and learn from an incredibly talented Navajo family, Jeneda and Clayson Benally.  

Rooftop Restival is a beautifully curated wellness experience that gives your body a much needed boost, with a slice of our award-winning adventure in nature. But this week is really extra special. 

In the weeks leading up to Restival Arizona, we want you to experience the future of wellness and taste what Arizona is really like (although it’s almost impossible to imagine how profound it is).

This Saturday, an exclusive piece of Arizona magic is coming to Malibu Canyon at a private residence nestled in the hills.  Clayson and Jeneda are flying in from Flagstaff, bringing their wise ways to present a talk on Navajo wisdom and demonstrate Navajo horsemanship to our loyal followers.  

Rooftop Restival incorporates morning yoga, kundalini meditation and gong session, Navajo Talks plus a demonstration on horsemanship with Rocket the beautiful horse. 

Tickets also provide organic elixirs and a lunch to kick start your weekend. 


Restival is a beautifully curated experiential wellness event.

 All events are kept intentionally intimate so space is very limited.

Take this opportunity to see why even VOGUE prefers Restivals to Festivals. 

Caroline Jones