Restival has created some amazing once in a lifetime experiences over the last few years, and on our travels we've met some fascinating people, in particular our beautiful Navajo friends The Benally Family.  Three generations of a traditional Navajo clan have brought their ancient wisdom and wellness talents to our Arizona event for the last two years.  

Extraordinary things happen at Restival and this event is no exception.  The Benally Family rarely leave their homestead, close to the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, but when we discovered they were planning to visit France this March, we took the opportunity to invite them to the UK.  They happily accepted! 

We then stumbled across a brand new location, opening mid-March in Hammersmith called Re:Centre - a place to rediscover your centre.  It's a beautiful light-filled wellness space, on the River Thames that's easy to get to. 

Our London family from the world of wellness are co-creating a weekend residency with us at Re:Centre including the celebrated author and astrologer, Shelley von Strunckel - a voice of reason and authority in the often confusing fields of Spirituality and Astrology.  Together, we have curated two days of wellness and cultural experiences, traditional Navajo bodywork, performance, world music and workshops.   This is the first time that the Benally Family have performed in London and we are honored to bring Restival's unique combination of wellness & native wisdom to life in this brand new location.  

From the evening of Friday March 23rd Friday to Saturday March 24th, we have curated a series of unique experiences that will recharge your batteries and introduce you to the wise ways of the Navajo that should not be missed. 


Restival Residency takes place at
Re:Centre, Thames Wharf, Rainville Road, London W6 9HA

Friday March 23rd 6:30pm to 9:30pm  

An evening of East Indian & Native American music & performance

Tickets £25

Saturday March 24th 10:30am to 4pm

DAYTIME Urban Retreat, COMBINING wellness, WISDOM and bodywork

Tickets £85.00 (including lunch) - EARLY BIRD £75!

HERE'S Friday Evening in more detail:

Restival_Benali Family_Michael Drummond_5.jpg

A night of East Indian & Native American music & performance

Indian & Native American music combine to create a spectacular world music first

We take you on a musical journey from the music of East India, bringing our intentions into fruition with breath and song we work with the alchemy of music and performance from two ancient practices.  

Kirtan, a type of Yoga, (The Yoga of Devotion) begins with a meditation before uniting our voices in song. Accompanied by the tabla and sitar, this experience opens your heart and connects deeper into yourself. This Kirtan will be led by the beautiful voice of Sam Garrett who carefully curates each performance.

The Sacred tradition of Navajo dance will be performed by the Benallys. These dances have a deep capacity to heal the body, mind or spirit and move hearts and minds. The family's vocals and chanting along with the music amplify the ceremonial mood.  The Hoop Dance, performed by world champion Jones Benally is a highlight of the evening.

The meeting of Eastern Indian music with Native American music and performance is an event not to be missed! 


Restival_Yoga_Michael Drummond_5.jpg








A combination of Native American, Eastern & Western wellness practices and wisdom 

Give yourself the gift of a Restival by the river at Re:Centre.  Discover ancient Navajo wisdom, practice yoga & meditation.  Book yourself in for a treatment with a Navajo Bodyworker, hear celebrated author & astrologer Shelley Von Strunckel explain how to deal with the unsettling changes currently reshaping virtually every element of our lives, and learn how to manifest your dreams into a reality with Caroline Jones, Restival's Founder.  We have a very special day planned, with incredible practitioners and collaborators.  The food will be organic and nourishing, accompanied with delicious elixirs to provide a much needed tonic.  Tune out for the day and tune into yourself with this Re-Treat, you've earned it! 



Shelley Von Strunckel 

New Era, New World.....Every year something changes. 

But this period isn’t just about change, it’s about a revolution in our way of thinking, living and our world.

We, collectively, are moving from the rigid hierarchy of the past era, the 2000 year-long Piscean Age to – yes – the Age of Aquarius.

Our world is being transformed. Shelley will detail how these changes are reshaping our lives. Core to this are substantial alterations in the structure of society, the nature of business and money, in cultural identity and in gender roles.

And she will discuss how you can understand, benefit from - and become part of – this unfolding cycle.


A Creative Yoga Flow & Meditation with Mollie Mendoza, combined with  Heart Opening vocals and acoustic guitar from Sam Garrett. 

Lyrically soulful, and devotionally talented, Sam's music uplifts, inspires and opens the heart.  Sam weaves his creative magic to offer a unique journey and depth of practice on your mat.  

Weaving together Vinyasa, Hatha, and Kundalini Yoga Mollie's class is a unique creative exploration of the Self through movement and breath.


Sound Healing with Leo Cosendai

"London's foremost gong master" The Times

Join Leo for an afternoon of deep relaxation and sound healing. 

A gong bath, or gong meditation, is a holistic practice which is designed, just like yoga, to help one burn up their emotional history and karmic blockages. From a physical point of view, a gong “bath” as we call it, is ideal for clearing nerve-endings and for re-establishing a healthy relationship between the parasympathetic (ruled by sound) and sympathetic nervous system (ruled by vision). 

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 5.16.56 PM.png

The Benally Family

World Champion hoop dancer and traditional healer Jones Benally, his daughter Jeneda, son Clayson and three young grand children for the Jones Benally Family Dancers.  These three generations together bring the healing power, beauty and profound messages of the Navajo (Diné) culture to educate and uplift audiences.  The Jones Benally Family give an unparalleled introduction to Navajo music and dance. 

Jones Hoop dance-2-1.jpg

Jones Benally 

Jones Benally is a respected elder of the Navajo nation in northeastern Arizona. Jones is one of seven remaining Navajo bodyworkers left in the world. Jones Benally is also recognised by the state of Arizona as an Arizona Indian Living Treasure.  


Clayson Benally

Navajo horseman  Clayson has been featured in National Geographic on numerous times on "Horse Nation".  Clayson and his sister Jeneda have performed with their father for over three decades. Clayson's talks on the Navajo people are a fascinating glimpse into a hidden world. 


Jeneda Benally

Traditional Diné Bone Setting and Musculoskeletal bodywork has been a traditional healing modality used by the Diné (Navajo) since the beginning of time.  Jeneda Benally uses traditional Diné bodywork to focus on specific ailments in each session and is integral for physical, mental and spiritual restoration. 

Restival_Caroline Jones_Michael Drummond_2.jpg

Caroline Jones

Let the founder of Restival take you on her personal journey of discovery from working on a trading floor in New York, to producing music festivals to creating her dream that is known as Restival. If you want to learn how to take the leap and manifest, then we urge you to hear Caroline's story! 

Listen to Sam Garrett's beautiful voice here. 

Caroline JonesRe:Centre