Video: Restival Takeaways

Career and Life Coach, Anne Loyd leads a variety of transformative workshops at Restival. Here discusses the magic of Restival Arizona and asks guests what they learned from our Navajo collaborators.

Working alongside indigenous populations provides insight into ancient wisdom. The Navajo (Dinรฉ) are a central component to the transformational experience that is Restival.

They have honored us by e freely opening the doors to their world to give us a glimpse of their wisdom and strength . Their practices and beliefs are so closely aligned with our planet it returns us, the modern city dweller, back into a more natural flow of life. Watch the video below.

Gratitude and respect goes out to all our Dinรฉ friends. 

"Something brought me here, something magical, I didn't realize I needed it until I arrived. It has changed my life" Restival guest.