Restoring your Humanity

What ever happened to hugging? We don't seem to reach out and touch somebody's hand as much as we used to.  Has political correctness stifled our human condition?  I believe in the power of reaching out, it's our natural way of putting people at ease, especially in these confusing times, but it's seen by some as unsafe and so, we've become afraid of "the touch". Touch is such a beautiful way of us humans exercising compassion for one another, it's comforting to others, plus it releases pheromones and serotonin - happy hormones - into the nervous system. As the Dalai Lama put it,  

"The only religion in the world is Kindness."  

Restival is a proponent of being tactile in a safe environment so much, that we made a short video of it.

There's also a bundle of gratitude going on in Arizona when the Restival magic starts to stir, as we naturally leave our devices behind and reconnect with nature thereby restoring our humanity. Gratitude is an amazing aspect to the human condition. When you feel gratitude for something it's a dialogue between your heart and whatever you're grateful for - so an exchange of love takes place as your heart is open to the giving and receiving of gratitude and love.  So in essence, the more grateful you feel, the more love you are able to receive, the happier you are, and so on.  I write a daily gratitude list and have done for 7 years and I've harvested some of my top ones for the record, so here goes:

Living by the river
Meditating by the river (Meditation in general)
The sound swans wings make when they fly by
Nesting & Solitude
Kundalini Yoga
Watching the sunset at Gateway Ranch and the harvest moon rise over the Painted Desert
The night sky in the Sahara Desert
Having a really good laugh when everything seems so bleak - laughter really is the best medicine
Hugging (see above)
Costa Rican jungles
Restival - my life's work
All the people who support the Restival adventure and take the leap with me
The Navajo People for their wonderful sense of humour & belief in Restival
Creating a safe space for a happy and transformational experience and crying when guests say goodbye
Almond Butter & Coconut oil with Himalayan sea salt on nutty toast around midnight
Miles Davis & John Coltrane
My friend Lis
My friend Bill
All my friends, actually
Miss Jones & Co / producing events in London for 25 years
Getting ready to go dancing
Thinking about what I'm going to wear to go dancing
The man who fixes my car for next to nothing and is always cheerful
Being a woman with kick ass feminine consciousness
The evening when he picked me up in a limo and hired the entire top floor of the Gherkin - just the two of us
Chyla Walsh's Hat (see video)
Debbie Lash's Celine Sunglasses (when she decides to gift them to me)
Alan Watts - audio book on an 8 hour road trip through the Mojave Desert
Learning the Vedas
The Real Housewives of New York City (So? No-one's perfect!)
Mercury when it's not in retrograde
Learning that the road to hell is paved with good intentions (I learned the hard way) 
My imperfections (see above)

By Caroline Jones, Founder Restival

Caroline Jones