A Letter to the Solo Traveler

From the Founder, Caroline Jones

Inviting you to experience stillness, rejuvenation & rare insight into indigenous cultures.

Restival is a concept that combines off-grid nature, cultural tradition and nourishment with comfortable accommodations and stunning landscapes. We encourage guests to explore and unwind in unspoiled and stimulating environments in order to restore positive energy, connect with the earth and disconnect from the clutter of the modern world. Whether it be in the heat of the Painted and Sahara Deserts or the crisp cool of northernmost Swedish Lapland, you are invited you to become a member of this transformative community.

The Beginning 

It started as an experiment for a single female traveler to break away from over-stuffed travel schedules, hedonistic festivals and a cynicism of internet dating. A vast growing interest in anthropology, spirituality and tribal wisdom inspired me to study and visit indigenous people across the globe. I discovered the power of being connected to what is true and most natural – our breath and the earth – and it resonated with me after years of disconnection. I felt the profound impact of these experiences needed to be shared. Thus, Restival was born – a curated boutique retreat in untouched places where you won’t struggle to unplug and recharge. I want to show you the lands with less footprints in the sand, where a different kind of wisdom exists.  Restival was created in part, as a wellness holiday and singles holiday, so you don’t have to worry about your personal safety and health when you attend Restival!


Restival joins forces with existing tribes of gurus and elders (such as the Navajo, the Sami and the Berber Nomads) and acclaimed natural therapists and artists in order to create memorable physical, spiritual and anthropological experiences. Restival enables you to seek knowledge from ancient traditional wisdom that’s being kept alive with your help. Restival supports indigenous communities through dedicated education, trade and sponsorship of local schools such as the STAR School in Arizona. As one Elder put it – “once we’ve lost the language, we’ve lost our heritage”. It’s our primary aim that we connect with others, help marginalized cultures, learn from them and use their lessons to change our lives for the better.

Your Stay

Restival is a five-day movement that decamps at different awe-inspiring spots across the globe. Your home at Restival embraces the luxury, outdoors, by placing you in tipis and bell tents done in traditional style with top quality beds and linen, situated beneath the stars. It’s a 5 Billion Star Hotel rather than a 5 Star Hotel. There is daily pampering with meditative spa treatments and alternative medicine therapies, and you’re nourished with delicious organic meals with just as much color as there is flavor.

We’ve provided a grown-ups' playground for you at Restival that helps you re calibrate, de-stress and find joy. During your stay you will have access yoga, jewelry making, horse whispering, sweat lodges, hikes, dancing and so much more. We’re excited that more solo Restivalers are coming away with us to the vast wilderness of faraway places and embracing self-discovery on this unforgettable adventure. Restival is all-inclusive, but focuses on the individual, which means the only person you need is you.  

It’s an inside job, after all…

-Caroline Jones