Andres Rodriguez

The Meditation Room's Vedic Teacher, Andres Rodriguez is a long term collaborator within the Restival family. 

Living happily in East London, Andres is a master on how to handle city life.  He reconnects people on an profoundly deep level, showing them how to to let go with an ancient Vedic practice, so that they can be fully present and show up for the precious moments that life has to offer.

Andres works with you on how to find clarity, direction, & momentum out of our current status & circumstances.  How do we let go of stories from the past that limit our choices? We can reveal whatโ€™s always present, inviting & emerging as a future that only you can grow, embody and ultimately inhabit. 

He will also be on hand to initiate you into the world of Vedic Meditation, a profoundly transformational meditation practice. 

Andres will help you reveal the unseen, the results are remarkable.


Caroline Jones