Coffee and Tea by Bona Fide Brewing Comapny

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They start with perfect water, and “tuck” the coffee angels into a nitrogen blanket using our unrivaled, 90 day-food-safe process. Their method preserves the unique volatile flavors and aromatics of each coffee variety. When served from a stout-beer faucet, the resulting cold coffee cascades to a beautiful creamy head with smooth, clean flavors, that consumers crave and aficionados LOVE.

Bona Fide Brewing Company’s top priorities of producing such a beautiful beverage for you begin with treating your coffee with respect and integrity. They aim to exceed your expectations of quality, sustainability and value throughout the process. Only then do the kegs earn the badge of “Bona Fide® Craft Draft”.

Restival is delighted to be serve Bona Fide Coffee to this years' Restival guests