DO you need a restival?




What is restival?


Restival fuses the best of festivals and retreats through beautifully curated, intimate wellness travel experiences with indigenous cultures.  Restival is totally unique – a transformational retreat in nature, offering you the rare opportunity to reconnect with yourself, let your hair down, become a tribe and truly connect with nature in eco-luxe comfort. This wellness adventure is a reward for surviving modern life, it allows you to build the toolkit to thrive.


What makes restival unique?

Restival returns you to your senses by co-creating with indigenous cultures.  In Arizona, it’s the Navajo people who bring their innate wisdom and creativity to this wellness experience. Just sit back, relax, enjoy the ride and let our collaborators take you on a trip of a lifetime.


Wellness should not feel like an indulgence, but a necessity, and the feeling of wellnesss, however that looks for you is your birthright.
— Psychologies Magazine Writer @evaramirez


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