Realizing Your Dreams with Anne Loyd

There’s no doubt that many of us are experiencing information overload, an addiction to technology and a life that is not only extremely busy, but also slightly out of control. While this is a reality for most people, Anne’s passion is to assist people in taking back control so you can see you have ‘choice’, thereby living a life that you love and is meaningful to you. Rather than looking externally for answers, Anne believes that true mastery happens when you rely on yourself for guidance by being grounded, embodied and connected to your heart. This is a powerful way to live. As a Professional Certified Coach Anne works with Board Directors, Executives and Entrepreneurs, whilst also teaching corporate employees meditation. She also develops a number of workshops around body intelligence, presence and love so we’re delighted to have Anne with us once more at Restival delivering afternoon meditation, one-to-one coaching and her inspiring morning workshops. Be sure not to miss her outstanding workshop on Love and Relationships.


Anne will be offering the following Workshops during Weeks 1& 2 at Restival Arizona 

Creating a Life you Love 

We have been gifted with the power of imagination and the ability to dream, and yet we don’t often allow ourselves the time and the stillness to consider what we would love. And worse, we may have a dream but never take the action necessary to make it come true. In this workshop Anne will take you through a process where you can uncover your dream and develop the steps towards creating it. Bring your favorite notebook and pen and pencils.

The Art of Love and Relationships 

 If you’re looking for love and feel stuck, or if you want to develop or enrich an existing relationship, then join Anne for this workshop as she shares her personal story on finding and sustaining the perfect partnership. It’s an invitation for you to discover a fresh perspective on love and relationships and learn a number of great practical tips to finding love.

Body Intelligence

In a world where we are slowly taking back our sovereignty and lifting the veil of reality, when you become fully embodied you get to choose what’s best for you. That body is smarter than you think. By learning to connect deeply with your body by stopping, listening and responding to the subtle signals and sensations it gives you, rather than using your mind alone, Anne will share unique insights into how the body is not something just to be fueled, but something that is worthy of being deeply honored and revered.


Anne is available for one-to-one Sessions during both weeks at Restival Arizona 

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