Nigel the Restorer of People

Nigel is a natural Clairvoyant and Clairaudient meaning he can see spirits in full form not as shadows or transparent. Read more from Nigel below:


“I have done this all my life, and it was only, when at the age of 9 my uncle died and came to tell me in school, that I realized no one else could see him.

I have had a wonderful professional life, and have traveled twice around the world in my chosen profession as a personal/private chef. Working for only the famous and wealthy, long before the paparazzi.

It was during all these locations that I would meet spirits, either belonging to the houses/palaces or lands, it is they who helped me to hone my understanding of my "gifts" as I tested various religious practices to try and understand where these "gifts" were taking me.

I found myself in Los Angeles and 2 prophecies given to me at 2 times in my life, came together in the summer of 1989, in of all places, the Arizona Desert.

I have split screen vision ( I "see" past,  present & future at the same time) in my daily life in many Eastern medicines I am a master, in my beliefs from my guides in the Western Europe..I am a KEY.

My sole purpose is to help bring forth the natural energy we all posses, to help people improve their daily lives and stop harming their psychi/soul's path

I like to explain that I am simply a Restorer of people.

One client described it like this  "you remove the MY  skin, give it a good shake and whatever falls out , we examine and then you throw it away, before giving me my skin back".

In my work I use 3 decks of cards ( to give me an element of control, otherwise I would talk for hours) and the sessions can be very intense, I am NOT a fortune teller/entertainer nor do I ever do parties.

I only see people in person and on a 1 on 1 basis."

Nigel will be available for 1 on 1 sessions at Restival Arizona

Caroline Jones