Unlocking the Power of Scent with Sara Ramazanoglu

Sara has worked within the field of women's health for over 14 years. As a child she grew up
influenced by her neighbours who were among the pioneers of natural health in London in the 70's.
She draws together, various modalities of bodywork, energy healing and the use of therapeutic
essential oils to support the body for both physical and emotional well being. Sara has also studied naturopathic nutrition. Each client is given a practical guide to care for their health from many aspects (essential oils, Kundalini Kriyas, daily selfcare routines, nutritional recommendations) to take the Restival experience home with them.
She has worked at the clinic of OBY/GN Dr Yehudi Gordon as part of Dr Gowri Motha's Gentle
Birth Method team - fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health. She has also studied Kundalini
yoga with Gurmukh and Gong therapy with Don Conreaux. Her current base is at Triyoga, London. Sara will be leading the  following workshops during week 1 at Restival: 

Nourish the Heart: Essential oils and Kriyas for the Heart

A workshop learning about the essential oils that can nourish and support the heart with supporting kundalini Kriyas and crystals.


Cleanse & Clear: Essential oils and Kriyas for Protection

A workshop learning about oils that have been used in ancient traditions for protection and clearing with supporting kundalini Kriyas and crystals. 

Sara is Available for one to one sessions at Restival Arizona

Caroline Jones