"UnDoing" Bodywork with Karin Pine

Desert Massage

An expert “pain tracker,” Karin Pine, has spent many years developing extraordinary skill as a Master Bodyworker. She is particularly adept at identifying and freeing restrictions in her clients’ bodies.

Because her work is so skillful, Karin has become well-known at Restival and other leading events. She is a pioneer in the new field of Fascia Therapy and has spent the last 18 years developing her own UnDoing Bodywork system.

UnDoing Bodywork is deep, slow and soothing while releasing fascial restrictions that prevent you from doing the things you love to do. Many clients report long- lasting relief, including from whiplash, frozen shoulder/torn rotator cuff, tendonitis, bursitis, lower back spasm, sciatica and sprains.

Andrew Richdale of Afar Magazine wrote “The Treatments Were Next Level. While there, I had two treatments, which I can say without hyperbole, were life-changing. The first was with a bodyworker from Death Valley named Karin Pine who helped chill out back and neck pain I’ve had the past couple years better than yoga and chiropractors combined. … And then there was the sweat lodge.

Karin will be UnDoing for two 60-minute sessions and two 90-minute sessions each day at a rate of $150/hour, $225/90-min. session. Her schedule fills quickly; please sign up early to guarantee your spot on her table.

Explorers who want to dive deeper into their healing journey can also work with Karin at her remote rock cabin in the outer reaches of the Mojave Desert in the village of Tecopa Hot Springs.  You can schedule multi-session bodywork intensives, or immerse yourself in a full spectrum Undoing transformational retreat.  Fascia therapy and UnDoing Bodywork training is available for students of bodywork.


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