Restoring your Mind, Body & Spirit with Cyia


Cyia Batten is a Restorative Body, Mind & Spirit Practitioner. 

A life-long intuitive, Cyia utilizes the gifts of Spirit connection & communication, ancient wisdom, energy reading, crystals & sound to support her clients in the process of healing.  A believer that healing begins within, Cyia focuses on assisting her clients to find their own spiritual gifts that will facilitate this process.  While experiencing a laying on of stones during a relaxing, restorative, life-affirming session, blockages the energetic field and chakra centers will be released to flow once again as Spirit intended.

Cyia will assist you in achieving a higher vibrational state which in turn attracts more positivity and joy into one's energetic field. You will leave feel uplifted, supported, loved and inspired. 


Caroline Jones