Unstoppable Healing with Leslie Finkel

Using an ancient Taoist hands-on technique called Chi Nei Tsang (translates to Energy From Within), Leslie helps his clients permanently shed emotional trauma and chronic pain that they may have held for years and maybe even lifetimes. By directly accessing the Connective Tissue, known as Fascia, the body will automatically process and then expel this old baggage, such as deeply buried emotions, hidden traumas, physical aches, built-up toxins as well as negative and heavy energies. Once these old messages are released, a wonderful space for new life force energy, higher vibrational emotions, and greater potentials is created.

In 2009 Leslie was injured in an auto accident. He was completely relieved of his chronic back pain when he received his first Chi Nei Tsang session from a Tibetan Lama. It was right then and there that he decided on his future path, and began learning this powerful healing modality directly from her.

Leslie recently retired from a 26-year career with the Phoenix Police Department, where he proudly served his fellow citizens and was widely respected and embraced by both sworn and non-sworn peers, commanders, and chiefs. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona where he is happily married to his Soul mate wife. If he is not traveling the world or going on grueling motorcycle rides across the Americas, he loves spreading his enthusiasm for Unstoppable Healing.

He is thrilled to support the Restival community with his extraordinary gift.

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