Caroline Jones

A lass from Manchester who cut her teeth on the trading floor at Merrill Lynch in Manhattan, Caroline "ran away to the circus" to enjoy 25 years of live music and event production. 

After observing frustrated commuters on London Underground trying desperately to email 150 feet underground, Caroline realized that London was addicted to the smart phone.  

Needing a break, she described to her friend her ideal vacation.  Big mistake - her friend said that was a brilliant idea and she had to produce it and make it into an event. 

Next: Caroline found herself producing a five night off grid Restival in the Sahara Desert with 80 guests, dancing beneath the stars with the Berber People singing and drumming through the night. The rest is history.....

Caroline's honest and funny depiction of her journey is an inspiration talk that gives you the tools to manifest your dreams into reality and wake up to what is.


Caroline Jones