Rachael Johnson

Internal Alchemy Teacher, Rachael Johnson

Rachael Johnson is a free spirit.  A modern day, non-sectarian Taoist with a deep reverence for nature and the wisdom traditions of the world, she has trained primarily with Tibetan and Taoist yogic masters since 2008. After several years integrating numerous techniques for awakening along with both traditional and scientific knowledge, Rachael has distilled the essence of her experience into four pillars of training for balanced, dynamic and powerful spiritual development. She calls this synthesis Ku Shen, which means "valley spirit" or primordial essence.

Rachael will begin by guiding the group in a grounding breath practice, followed by an ancient method to increase the body's natural electro-magnetism and access the higher potential of the brain. The result is increased clarity, calm, and powerful sense of inner harmony. 

Listen to Rachael's brilliant set Music of the Spheres transporting you into a deep state of peace & receptivity, creating an ideal state of consciousness for cellular level healing to occur.

Caroline Jones