Michelle Helfner

Integrative healing incorporates all of the healing tools that I have acquired over the years.  My favorite sessions are based in a foundation of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, I choose the acupuncture points most relevant to restore energy and harmony to the body, then place crystals on or around the body to also harmonize or break up stagnant energy, sometimes using tuning forks and singing bowls to facilitate this balance more.   Once needles and crystals are in place, I check and balance the chakras, next holding the head for cranial sacral and reiki to listen to the body’s energy on yet still a deeper level.

I have discovered that once you have an assortment of healing tools it is difficult to only use one modality, so I use them all in order to effect the most change in the shortest time.  I often describe my sessions as a “reset” button.  We know what feeling great is and we also know when that is not our current state.  We are all just atoms vibrating, using multiple energy systems together allows for a gentle layering that can help remove old thoughts, patterns or vibrations.  Allowing you a space to release and resolve obstacles that no longer serve you. My preference is always to be able to do the work that feels right in the moment for that patient.

Caroline Jones