Nola Ganem

Nola Ganem is the Founder and Ceo of One World Cacao, Inc. A woman run corporation, centered upon heart centered living, wellness adventures, plant medicine and distributing eco-forested ceremonial cacao for indigenous communities on a mission to support local and global wellness and education platforms.

Integration work with Nola is about compassionately learning to trust yourself, that everything you need is already within you, and giving you the skills and tools for your own self care.

She has been a licensed massage therapist and energy healer and leading groups for over a decade, offering her touch and service to over 15,000 bodies worldwide. Nola is especially gifted in her way of moving energy and articulating the experiences of the human spirit.

She is an ascension guide & starseed here to assist in our understandings of this evolutionary journey. Nola understands the shadow self deeply and is truly gifted in weaving joy, understanding and purpose into our life's largest obstacles so we may heal and awaken. Expect a Miracle... I do.

Nola is also a wholesaler of our cacao and has a very rare and fine cacao of varying grades and healing blends, cacao is an incredible gift for integration and staying in your heart.  Proceeds will support our youth trade skills and community programs.

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