Blair Lauren Brown

Rooted in the land, with a modern approach to our vital energy, she identifies the beauty in everything around us. Blair Lauren Brown is an alchemist, reawakening  ritual and other modern tools to practice self care & facilitate greater connections. Known for her art in talismanic jewelry and plant medicines, she offers these items as tools to assist in seeing the light in the dark.

Blair hosts workshops on exploring the subconscious in the meditative and dream space. She is also an expert in natural CBD cannabis medicines, used both internally and externally for its restorative and adaptogenic effects. Combining these modalities, Blair  hosts workshops on combining everyday rituals, cannabis, and alchemy as tools for finding balance and connection. These experiences and trainings are not just accessed in ceremony but also on stage as a speaker,  where you can find Blair presenting on land stewardship, and true conservation opportunities, because at the core of it all is education.

Raised in a progressive and holistically-minded family, healthy food, culturally minded travel & an active lifestyle were instilled at an early age. The use of cannabis as medicine was first introduced to her by her grandfather, a well respected Stanford MD, prescribing it to her mother in the 90’s, as chemotherapy relief in breast cancer treatment. The understanding of the healing properties of cannabis stayed in the family, and in 2004, she helped her brother build his first medical grow. Cannabis as medicine in this personal setting quickly evolved to a greater interest in serving a population that had been kept in the dark for generations and Blair began evolving a concept for wellness on a national level. In 2016 she began development for what we now know as Verté Essentials™.

Blair Lauren Brown is the creative vision and force behind Verté Essentials™, a luxury wellness and  beauty company. Embracing this collective process she has was worked with renowned master estheticians and master cannabis cultivators to formulate the most efficacious products. Using only the highest quality natural, organic and cruelty free ingredients Verté Essentials™ is insured to be the cleanest solution to overall wellness. Also the founder of her eponymous fine jewelry collection, Blair Lauren designs talismanic jewelry with pure gold and high frequency gemstones to assist in the practice of self care. She has built a lasting practice of developing loved products rooted in natural and compassionate considerations.

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