Carmelinda di Mano - Ecstatic Dance

Carmelinda holds the intention that through movement and creative expression, healing occurs. This passion is expressed through her yoga classes, bodyART practice and ecstatic dance. She’s a deep house music DJ and the influence of soulful music

Ecstatic Dance starts with a brief guided meditation involving breathing, stretching, shaking, and gentle yoga-like movements to help you become more heart centered and “embodied,” or fully conscious of your senses.We dance with our whole bodies, stretching, jumping, spinning, and stretching out our arms and fingers. Some shake all over, some spin occasionally—or endlessly. Some lay on the floor, writhing to the rhythms. Some who practice martial arts perform Tai Chi-like movements. Most are smiling, often with eyes closed, feeling free to release themselves to the dance in this safe space. Moms and Dads dance with their kids, sometimes with them on their shoulders. Everyone gets hot and sweaty. Many eventually strip down to minimal clothing due to the the extreme (but effortless) exercise that happens in the trance.

Women in particular feel this is a space they feel safe in.


Caroline Jones