Nacho Arimany

With the Arimany Method we will explore the rhythmic and elemental patterns of nature and learn to entrain with them using our own movement and sound  Through the use of body, percussion exercises, vocal exercises, group relaxation and sound work using clay, wood, metal and water percussive instruments we will explore and experience how the inner and outer rhythms of nature help us create balance in our lives. 

By synchronizing the brain with the natural harmonic pattern of growth and evolution, we will develop a new brain architecture, and specific space in the body in which the True Resonant Voice of the individual flows eternally, creating free energy in the whole system and deep transformation. 

Come and discover the full musical potential of your body and let unfold your true voice naturally.  Experience full synchronicity within yourself and with the Universe, get energized and transform by the power of your own true voice and the sounds of the elements.

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Caroline Jones