Astrology Readings

Rachael Johnson

Based in San Diego, Rachael has spent many years studying Eastern practices, nutritional wisdom and astrology. Rachael has worked with Restival for three years - her experience and knowledge are incredible.

“We need not feel ashamed of flirting with the zodiac.  The zodiac is well worth flirting with.”

—D. H. Lawrence

Rachael discovered astrology at age 12 and immediately recognized it's power to support self discovery and expand self awareness. She approaches astrology from an evolutionary perspective: there are no bad stars, only opportunities, if we know how to recognize them. When you get a reading with Rachael, she will help you understand the present forces working in your life and how to align with movement of the planets to reduce frustration, act on hidden opportunities and maximize the enjoyment of your journey as it unfolds.

A one hour session online with Rachael who will go through your entire chart with you = $145.00

Herbal and Nutritional Wisdom Session

Utilizing the healing power of food and herbs is perhaps the oldest way to restore and maintain optimal health. If you are feeling chronically stressed out and depleted, or suffering from allergies and auto-immune conditions, schedule a consult with Rachael to discover life-changing nutritional strategies and the power of tonic herbs to achieve true balance.

Rachael has studied with Master Tonic Herbalist Rehmannia Dean Thomas of the Gate of Life School and received her Master Herbalist and Clinical Nutritional Consultant certification from the Natural Healing Institute in 2014. 

2 hour consultation with Rachael who will address your needs and answer your questions plus a follow up session = $245.00

Ku Shen Awakening Practice

Awakening is one of the most natural experiences we can undergo, yet it is often surrounded by confusion. Learn to access the your innate wisdom and inner potential through simple, time-honored methods utilizing breath, awareness, and internal circulation of energy. The practices of Ku Shen have been used with great success since the 3rd century, and are an essential asset for those who wish to take their awakening into their own hands. 

Rachael has been teaching Ku Shen since 2009 and was trained by several Taoist and Tibetan Buddhist masters. She is a perennial student of human potential, continuing to deepen and refine her understanding of what is means to be truly awakened.

2 hour immersion practice to teach you Ku Shen with follow up = $145.00

Sound Healing

Debuting at Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in 2005, Rachael’s gong healing immersions have touched thousands of lives, bringing participants experiences of deep relaxation, visionary states and cellular rejuvenation. She offers immersive sound healing at retreats and special events, and practitioner training for aspiring sound healing artists.

Listen to some of Rachael’s work here.


"Rachael’s brilliant spiritual guidance has inspired a revolution of consciousness for me. I entered our first session with no expectations and no real context to understand it, and organically and effortlessly had one of the most powerful energetic experiences of my life. Since then, I have deepened my practice and fostered a new relationship with my soul, and it has upgraded every area of my life. Rachael’s unique gifts are too precious not be shared with the world, and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with her. No matter what your existing spiritual practice or beliefs, learning her remarkable system will take your life to an entirely new level in profound ways." 

- Mat Shaffer

"Meditation with Rachael is like stepping into the most wise and enlightened version of yourself that experiences what we’ve all read about. You experience within minutes the bliss and quiet awareness that we truly are…. just by being in a certain posture.  It’s wild and yet crazy simple."

- Patrick Ywise