Dear Friends,

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by the daily grind that you want to escape from it all?

Are you looking for solutions on how to cope with your workload?

Do you check your emails just before you sleep & wake?

Have you had a chance to catch up on some much needed sleep? Would you like to get more restful sleep in three days than you have in the last three years?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then read on as Restival has a corporate program to help you cope with modern life and work more effectively.  

Restival X Corporate = a new way of working

It started with a small group of us in the mysterious Sahara Desert, seeking the answer to the question: "How can we unplug from the digital world and reconnect with ourselves and one another?"

Soon, word spread and our movement grew.  We saw more and more people experience the miracle of nature, connect with indigenous wisdom, learn the techniques of transformation and fully "let go" amongst dozens of open, warm hearted, and adventurous spirits who all wanted the same thing:  To rest, relax, discover a new culture, and be comfortable with their true selves.

We called it "Restival."

It's no surprise that The Wall Street Journal calls Restival the "top" retreat of it's kind.  

Or why Bloomberg calls this the place to be when you are "super stressed."

Or why Health and Fitness magazine says Restival is "the place to be for free spirits"

Or why VOGUE called Restival the "one week digital detox" that leaves you "abundant in energy and stillness" a year later on. 

And the list goes on...

Whatever your reason for seeking a Restival, you'll walk away with a clear path to your future.  Thanks to our team of wellness professionals who will work with you and your organisation to recalibrate the way you work.