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Living in New York can be a lot of work.  Anyone who commutes will tell you that. 

The City that never sleeps has insomnia and that ain't good. 

Maybe it's because a recent reports stated that New Yorkers don't take enough time out for themselves. 

Help is at hand New Yorkers, it's about time for a Restival - you've earned it. 

Restival is bringing a big bag of our specially curated experiences for you to dive into an evening of nourishment, de-stressing, healing modalities, inspirational talks and the transformational Future Self meditation accompanied by the visionary composer, Mind Travel's Murray Hidary.  

Restival's winning line up will leave you feeling connected, grounded and inspired with your humanity restored.  

Tickets are on sale now and they'll go swiftly, so don't miss out on the remedy you need to cope with the commute.