Living in New York can be hard work. While city life is rewarding, it can also cause a lot of stress.

Maybe it's because a recent report stated that New Yorkers don't take enough time out for themselves. 

New Yorkers, it's time for a Restival - you've earned it. 

Restival is bringing a big bag of curated wellness experiences for you to dive into. Join us for an evening of nourishment, de-stressing, healing modalities, inspirational talks and the transformational Future Self meditation accompanied live by the visionary composer, MindTravel's Murray Hidary.  

Our winning line up will leave you feeling rested, grounded, and inspired, with your humanity restored.  

Held at The Assemblage, 114 East 25th St in the heart of the Flatiron District. 

It's a new place where consciousness, art, food, technology and music intersect. 

Wednesday, April 11th from 6:30pm-9:30pm 

Tickets are on sale now. 


Our events sell out, so don't miss the opportunity to access our curated toolkit to thrive and enjoy a refreshing evening of discovery. 

Join Restival's collaborators bringing their skills of ancient awakening practices, dynamic self care tools and rituals, live performance from Murray Hidary of MindTravel, The Future Self Meditation and a talk on how Restival was created by Founder Caroline Jones. 

All These Practices Will Raise Your vibration And Unlock The Power Of Who You’re Destined To Become.

You’ll get to know amazing practitioners, musicians and speakers like…....

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The Meditation Room's Vedic Teacher, Andres Rodriguez

Living happily in East London, Andres is a master on how to handle city life.  He reconnects people on an profoundly deep level, showing them how to to let go with an ancient Vedic practice, so that they can be fully present and show up for the precious moments that life has to offer.

This is a talk on How to find  clarity, direction, & momentum out of our current status & circumstances.  How do we let go of stories from the past that limit our choices? We can reveal what’s always present, inviting & emerging as a future that only you can grow, embody and ultimately inhabit. 

Andres will help you reveal the unseen, the results are remarkable. 

"Andres taught me how to see the charm in my life, how to attract charm and to embrace what is beautiful.  It has opened my eyes to what I didn't think was possible"

-Stephanie Hawkins


Internal Alchemy Teacher, Rachael Johnson

Rachael Johnson is a free spirit.  A modern day, non-sectarian Taoist with a deep reverence for nature and the wisdom traditions of the world, she has trained primarily with Tibetan and Taoist yogic masters since 2008. After several years integrating numerous techniques for awakening along with both traditional and scientific knowledge, Rachael has distilled the essence of her experience into four pillars of training for balanced, dynamic and powerful spiritual development. She calls this synthesis Ku Shen, which means "valley spirit" or primordial essence.


Rachael will begin by guiding the group in a grounding breath practice, followed by an ancient method to increase the body's natural electro-magnetism and access the higher potential of the brain. The result is increased clarity, calm, and powerful sense of inner harmony. 


"Rachael is a woman of great presence. As a guide in awakening, she has a nice balance of sweet and playful with wisdom and power. So why wait for enlightenment? It’s here and now and always has been.”
- Luck Prior



Embodiment Technologist

Megwyn has spent over 20 years researching and exploring the dynamics of human emotion as they are mapped inside the body's tissue.  Whilst working in the field of bodywork, she began to observe patterns of contraction within the energy of the voice and body.  These insights resulted in the creation of the Haptic Body System, a powerful sequence of self-care tools and rituals to awaken and transform the constellation of emotions blocked inside the body's tissue. 

Megwyn will help you access hidden tensions restricting self expression and guide you into using your voice as a magnetic force, transforming anxiety into power and presence; allowing you to experience the pleasure of speaking with the whole body.


I cannot say enough about  Megwyn's groundbreaking embodiment work. She is a master in her field. Her work expands where breath and sound reach in the body. I began to connect to my emotions through my voice. I discovered a more aware and authentic expression. Megwyn opened up a new and exciting world for me, one I highly recommend exploring."
- Hani Avital, Actress


Musical Meditation Genius Murray Hidary

MindTravel is an immersive musical experience played live through wireless headsets. His improvisational piano meditations, inspired by mystical traditions and theoretical physics, will leave you in a state of harmony and clarity, with the rhythm to carry it forward into your life.

 "MindTravel is an experience like no other. Imagine a concert pianist improvising beautiful, peaceful music with imagery in the background that matches the beauty of the music." 

- Jason Wachob, Founder of mindbodygreen

Murray Hidary is playing live at Restival New York.


Future Self Method Founder & Life Coach Peter Oppermann

A German engineer turned esteemed meditation teacher, Peter is the founder of the Future Self Method and a life coach. Based in Los Angeles, fluent in German and English. Peter teaches workshops, classes and coaches personal clients internationally.

The Future Self Method is a proven process that connects you with a more evolved version of yourself. Your Future Self already has the answers and holds the keys to achieving what you truly desire and long for. Learn how bridge the gap of your current self and who really want to be.

In gentle guided meditations, you will leave linear time and engage in an inner dialogue with your Future Self.

The answers from your Future Self come from an elevated state of being. So you can make the best decisions on your life journey in a real and gentle way.

"Peter's Future Self Meditation takes you on a wonderful journey into the depths of your inner self.  By taking the time to create space within my Future Self, I was able to find the answers that I needed. I left the meditation excited and driven to step into my Future Self"

Jose Ramirez - Creative Director


Restival Founder, Caroline Jones

A lass from Manchester who cut her teeth on the trading floor at Merrill Lynch in Manhattan, Caroline "ran away to the circus" to enjoy 25 years of music and event production. 

After observing frustrated commuters on London Underground trying desperately to email 150 feet underground, Caroline realized that London was addicted to the smart phone.  

Needing a break, she described to her friend her ideal vacation.  Big mistake - her friend said that was a brilliant idea and she had to produce it and make it into an event. 

Next: Caroline found herself producing a five night off grid Restival in the Sahara Desert with 80 guests, dancing beneath the stars with the Berber People singing and drumming through the night. The rest is history.....

Caroline's honest and funny depiction of her journey is an inspiration talk that gives you the tools to manifest your dreams into reality and wake up to what is.

"You're an inspiration CJ. Love what you are doing with Restival. Totally deserves to be in Forbes! We need more Restivals stop Dublin??"

Darina Mulligan - Director of Events, Cancer Research

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The Place....The Assemblage

Fearless entrepreneurs are already challenging the status quo by harnessing the power of capital and infusing a positive social agenda that enables new models of growth and value to emerge.

These new frameworks unlock dormant potential helping people, communities, and our world at large to thrive. The Rules of Impact outlines good business opportunities and initiatives, highlighting community members who are creating social change, while still catering to traditional financial motivations.

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Ayurvedic Food is included......

Miso Polenta Bites with Sweet Yam Puree and Coriander Aioli

Korean Taco Rounds with Kimchi Brussel Slaw and Coconut Lime Crema

Socca Crisps Loaded with Kabocah, Shallot, Olives and Fennel


Music inspires you to travel, Murray Hidary's Mind Travel is a universal language


See What Other Restival Attendees Have To Say


"I Instantly Felt At Home"


 Sue and I had no idea what we signed up for when we decided to attend Restival. We thought if things got bad we'd at least have our rental car in which we could escape!  But clearly that was not the case and we both had a wonderful time. I instantly felt at home from the moment Alex greeted us when we drove up.  The staff were warm and open and the food was a home run.  Being vegan, it was a pleasure not to worry about what may have had eggs or cheese hidden inside.

The presence of the Navajo people was truly a gift.  It was a humbling experience to be around such gentle and accepting people.  We can learn so much from the way they integrate the natural world into their daily lives. I was impressed with the talented artists, especially Baje Sr. and enjoyed simply chatting with him and Johnson over morning coffee.



With much love and gratitude, Robert


             "An Unforgettable Experience"

I wanted to write and tell you how much I've enjoyed the experience at Restival last week.

I do feel a different person having returned, I missed just striking a conversation with someone on the Tube, how much we can learn from each other when we are open to that and don't see each other as a threat. 

Thank you again and to your incredible team for creating an unforgettable experience. I feel like I've made a few friends for life in just a few short days.

Susan Li

An Urban Escape to Revitalize Your Spirit

If you've been aching to explore what life has to offer beyond the daily routine, look no further. Restival is holding the door open for you to experience deeper meaning, joy, connection and dream your future into now. 

Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis and the numbers are capped to maintain intimacy. Reserve your spot now before we sell out. 

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"If you feel good about who you are inside, it will radiate."     -Patti Smith

"If you feel good about who you are inside, it will radiate."  -Patti Smith