An Urban Escape to Revitalize Your Spirit

If you've been aching to explore what life has to offer beyond the daily routine, look no further.

Restival is holding the door open for you to experience deeper meaning, joy, connection and bliss. 

A specially curated series of events in a private Downtown location with an exclusive series of our immersive, restorative and enlightening experiences begins on June 16. 

Our friends, The Benally Family - a traditional Navajo clan, open the event with a Circle and present and enlightening talk on the Navajo Way. 

We present the work of Deirdre O'Callaghan - an award winning photographer and filmmaker.  Deirdre has completed filming a documentary about Skid Row and how music influences the people on the street.  Deirdre talks about her work in this homeless crisis and how music is helping the people. 

We are also joined by our friends from the world of art, music, meditation, beauty and Yoga. 

Dinner will be served and the menu will be tuned into the modality of meditation. 

The event closes with a live performance from the modern day Renaissance man, Murray Hidary who will perform his unique tribute to the Thin White Duke, David Bowie.

Our events sell out, so don't miss the opportunity to access our curated "toolkit to thrive" and enjoy a one of a kind experiences of recalibration and discovery. 





The Place & The People Downtown 

A bright space within the Fashion District hosts our Rooftop Restival event this June & July.  The framework for our events unlock dormant potential to raise awareness, help people, communities, and our world at large to thrive. Restival's the People Manifesto highlights community members who are creating social change as well as traditional wisdom.


Dinner & Wine Tasting 

Our menu is designed with your best night's sleep in mind.  This is coupled with a wine tasting from Somellier Chiara Shannon who takes us on a journey on the Art of Mindful Wine Tasting. 


Music inspires you to travel, Murray Hidary's Mind Travel is a universal language

With thanks to our sponsor - Verte Essentials, Taking Beauty Back

  "If you feel good about who you are inside, it will radiate."     -Patti Smith

"If you feel good about who you are inside, it will radiate."  -Patti Smith