Urban Escapes to Revitalize Your Spirit

If you've been aching to explore what life has to offer beyond the daily routine, look no further.

Restival is holding the door open for you to experience deeper meaning, joy, creativity and bliss. 

Restival is commencing a specially curated series of events at the Assemblage, NYC with an exclusive series of our immersive, restorative and enlightening experiences in the heart of Manhattan. 

Held at The Assemblage, 114 East 25th St in the Flatiron District. 

Our events sell out, so don't miss the opportunity to access our curated "toolkit to thrive" and enjoy a one of a kind experiences of recalibration and discovery. 

Our first NYC event in April was a massive success - this crafted journey into your future potential is a hot ticket.



What's on 

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An Evening Dedicated to Bliss

THURSDAY 28 JUNE - 6.30 TO 9.30PM


We invite you to escape the city with us for a few hours while we take you on a journey into the world of bliss.

Bliss chemistry & how to create it

Living a life in alignment with bliss consciousness 

How to create a blissful sleep

Dream your future into now 

Dive into heavenly soundwaves with a live musical performance 


Join our collaborators who live a blissful life and experience swimming in bliss.  We give you the tools to create bliss chemistry and create experiences designed to evoke blissful emotions


Join us at The Assemblage, NoMad House, 114 E25th St and float home on a sea of bliss.  

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Sonic Alchemy




Harmonize your body with the vibrational power of sound.

Lazy Saturday evening on the Rooftop of NoMad House

Live music performances & sound healing sessions 

The Suriya Suites by The Meditation Room

Gong Bath by Rachael Johnson

Mind Travel Music by Murray Hidary

Future Self Meditation by Peter Oppermann

Food & Drink by The Assemblage 


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The Place....The Assemblage

Fearless entrepreneurs are already challenging the status quo by harnessing the power of capital and infusing a positive social agenda that enables new models of growth and value to emerge.

These new frameworks unlock dormant potential helping people, communities, and our world at large to thrive. The Rules of Impact outlines good business opportunities and initiatives, highlighting community members who are creating social change, while still catering to traditional financial motivations.

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Plus Ayurvedic food & elixirs 

Miso Polenta Bites with Sweet Yam Puree and Coriander Aioli

Korean Taco Rounds with Kimchi Brussel Slaw and Coconut Lime Crema

Socca Crisps Loaded with Kabocah, Shallot, Olives and Fennel


Music inspires you to travel, Murray Hidary's Mind Travel is a universal language

With thanks to our sponsor - Verte Essentials, Taking Beauty Back

"If you feel good about who you are inside, it will radiate."     -Patti Smith

"If you feel good about who you are inside, it will radiate."  -Patti Smith