Well, How Did I Get Here?

Founder Caroline Jones has found herself in some pretty extraordinary places over the last four years and has quoted the Talking Heads lyrics to herself numerous times.  Here's how she got there.


Restival No1. Sahara Desert


Why are well paid business men trying to check their emails 150 feet underground and getting frustrated at the absence of Wifi?  Noted with bewilderment. 

Desire to go on a shared experience with similar people without going to Glastonbury (too busy) or a retreat (too quiet). 

Need to switch off and go somewhere warm with no signal. 

Dreamed up a combination of artistic workshops and Eastern practices in an off the grid location with a good night sky.

Restival No. 1, Sahara Desert & with a closing ceremony at an abandoned kasbah where Gladiator was filmed.  Highlights: meeting the Berber, surreal art installation atop a sand dune at sunrise, dancing barefoot beneath the stars, Morning Gloryville Rave, closing ceremony. 


Random Phone Call: London 2015


Gina: "I've found your next location".  Caroline: "We're not looking for one".  Gina: "You are now". 

Next on a plane to Arizona to meet Kate, the owner of the Ranch beside Turrell's famous Roden Crater Project. Soon to be the world's most famous art installation. 

Meet Kate her husband Mark and visit The Star School - the USA's only off grid education facility. Incredible. 

Introduced to Navajo community from peacemakers, artists, musicians, medicine women and a NASA astronomer.

Restival No. 2, Arizona with an opening and closing ceremony by Navajo elder.  Highlights, The Benally Family performance.  The moon rising over the Painted Desert was epic. 


Rooftop Restivals

We recreate a taste of the Mothership of Wellness Events courtesy of the kind people at Soho House who lent their garden at Shoreditch House for a sunny Saturday.

We practiced Yoga Nidra, sound healing and heard our friend Said talk about his love for the Berber Tribe to which he belongs and the Sahara Desert, where he grew up.

We ended with a story from Richard Hamilton from the BBC World Service. 

More Rooftop Restivals in Los Angeles pop up, including at a horse ranch in Malibu where we learned the art of Navajo Horsemanship.  A highlight for sure. 

Restival wins Retreat of the Year from the Sunday Times, Suitcase & The Wall St Journal.


Restival Arizona No. 2

"There were some real high points. I have never had the experience of a Navajo sweat lodge before, but there was genuine sharing among the men. It was for me, one of the high points of the week. The other zenith came on the final night where the you and beautiful siblings of the Benally family joined their nangenarian father for a performance that was so energetic, original and exciting, it made it worth the price of the ticket alone."



Restival Joshua Tree

Drive about 2.5 hours out of Los Angeles and the landscape transforms into a moon-like terrain dotted with large trees, 5,000 year old boulders and, in the spring, wild flowers. 

Drive deeper into the valley and you may discover our new location.  This May, we're holding a long weekend of Restival at Joshua Tree.  

This event is entitled Your Future Self.  We've liked up some amazing collaborators all of whom are tuned into shaping and creating your future self. 

Barbara Marx Hubbard - Mas Sajady - Sandra & Daniel Biskind - Murray Hidary - Peter Oppermann - The Meditation Room - The Shaman Shack - Indigenous friends - Female Rebels - Ewa de Cruz - Wine Tasting and much more 

Tickets on sale now. 


London wants a Restival 

As anyone who has travelled on London Underground at rush hour will testify, London really needs a Restival.  Londoners are in always on the run, emailing as they rush to their next meeting.  Entire Tube trains are crammed with people, heads down, on their smart phones in silence.  The stress is palpable.  Londoners are tired. 

It's time to give yourself a Re-Treat - just one day, in West London, we've programed some incredible wisdom and wellness activities for you. 

Yoga & Music, Scent & Sound Meditation, Spa, Lunch, Elixirs, Workshops.



An invitation to New York from a brilliant new app string.me has lured us across the pond.

We're headed to New York for a three day residency in an incredible live/work building in Manhattan.  Our collaborators are bringing some cutting edge wellness practices with them from Somatic Bodywork to Sound Immersions.  

Watch this space here.


Arizona No. 3

As the years roll by, our friendships with the beautiful people of Arizona grow stronger.  

This year will be the third time Restival brings it's Wellness Festival to this great plain this August. 

Nature thanks us for noticing her, the absence of any technology makes sure we always LOOK UP! 

Caroline has yet to have her own Restival, but lives in hope........