Rooftop Restival X Ceremony LA


Restival is delighted to announce it's collaboration with Ceremony Meditation, Venice, California this summer.  We bring a snapshot of this truly transformational experience for busy people right to your doorstep in a beautiful haven of peace for four weeks.  Our three hour ‘retreat’ allows you to disconnect through a carefully curated series of practices that we call Restival.

Rooftop Restival is a beautifully curated wellness experience that gives your body a much needed boost, with a slice of our award-winning adventure in nature. 

In the weeks leading up to Restival Arizona, we want you to experience the future of wellness and taste what Arizona is really like (although it’s almost impossible to imagine how profound it is).

This little piece of Arizona magic is coming to the Zen Om Garden at Ceremony, every Saturday morning from July 15 through to August 3rd. Our founder, Caroline and a conscious collective, together with our Navajo friends immerse you in a morning's Restival.  

Priced at $40, 9:30am-1:00pm - a morning of rejuvenation with incredible collaborators. 

Here's how it works….

Every Week

Navajo art and how the world is viewed through Navajo eyes. Sun salutations, Navajo style. 

Restival Yoga

Debbie Lash takes a beautiful restorative yoga practice releasing energy and leaving stress behind with her personal touch and healing hands. 


Let Kundalini teacher Dr Simran, guide you on a inspirational vibration sealing gong fusion.

Shaktipat Meditation & Yoga Nidra

Uma is empowered to give Shaktipat, a powerful meditation. Yoga Nidra is the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness.

The Road to Restival by the founder, Caroline Jones

The story of Restival and why Wellness Festival is needed today more than ever.


A series of The Art of....Workshops, every week a different theme:

15th July: The Art of Intuition

Imagine our lives if we had the ability to dis-identify with the mind? How we learned to listen to nature rather than search engines? In this session, we discuss the Inside Job and how intuition is more powerful than we believe.

22nd July: The (Secret) Art of Healthy Living

How gut health affects our lives by certified Health Coach Christy Jones

The Founders of Get AVO, Mindful Spending App

Who would like some tips on how to build a healthy gut? Recently there has been a lot of scientific discussion on the Gut/ Brain connection. What scientists have discovered is that our gut is our second brain and that our brain health is dependent on our gut health. In this talk I am going to provide some simple exercise and mindfulness tips on how to improve gut health, reduces stress that we hold in our body and energize our brain in a fun and challenge way.  Be ready to move, let go and relax during this talk. 

Johnathan & Sebastian, Founders of mindful spending app Get AVO, discuss financial wellness and how voting with your dollars can have a positive impact on the health of our communities. 


29th July: The Art of Being Real, through Love

Ashley Neese tells her story because she knows all about unity connections.  She knows about the light, humor, strength and wisdom you need to feel brave enough to get to through the pretty, and the not so pretty with grace.   Ashley is there to hold your hand and I really sees you. It takes a village to be courageous and open your heart like your life depends upon it. Ashley discusses the vulnerability of courage without shame. 

5th August: The Art of Intention Setting by Uma Devi 

We work with you on setting intentions for the forthcoming weeks, share in the power of gratitude, intention and discuss how a higher realm of consciousness by meditation opens doors and manifests opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. 

Elixirs & Light Snacks

Organic superfoods supplied by one of the founders of Imlak’esh who explains the ingredients and their powerful properties to the guests.  

Restival is a beautifully curated experiential wellness event.

 All events are kept intentionally intimate so space is very limited.

Take this opportunity to see why even VOGUE prefers Restivals to Festivals.