The Worldโ€™s Best Human

Who is the most selfless person deserving of praise that you know? 

We're looking for the World's Best Human. You know, the pure altruism, the almost blinding-in-its-rarity selflessness we've only read about in books. We want to find these folks, and give them the gift of a lifetime in Oaxaca this New Years. 

 Imagine having them whisked away for a week long respite from their responsibilities with a lux spa getaway hosted by the Zapotec people. Helping Restival find the World's Best Human is your chance to change the life of someone who puts the needs of others before their own. Bring light to the life of an unsung hero by nominating them.  

The winner receives an all-inclusive paid trip to Oaxaca this New Year as their gift from the community.