Tara Sheahan

Tara is a warrior for transformation, and laughter for no reason.   She teaches meditation, breath work, and self-awareness - how the stories we tell in our mind shape our reality.  When we can simply drop the story, we live in the present moment.  And how beautiful stories and storytelling, either written or expressed, can be so deeply healing to others.  

Her background as an elite athlete - she's a former cross-country skiing and running athlete - gave her the perseverance to overcome chronic 'dis-ease,' having been bitten by a tick in her mid-30's.  To heal, she learned meditation and how to become free from the limited 'ego' from a school in south India where she has been studying since 2008, and her Indigenous wisdom and ceremonies from remarkable teachers in the DaNakota, Lakota, Comanche and Shipibo traditions.  Tara founded Conscious Global Leadership in 2010 and hosts workshops, immersions, and coaches privately to offer deeply transformative experiences for those committed to elevating human consciousness. 

Tara teaches the powerful modality of breathwork online.