On the experience

"We used words to describe our feelings instead of relying on a phone or emoji to do the talking for us. We rediscovered how to get to know one another through the art of conversation without any digital distraction. I got to know myself better and think about something lasting, something needed for both myself and for those I love." -Restival guest

On the impact

"Restival feels like one big, intricately woven dream. The kind that seems to last straight through to morning, until it wistfully fades. Except unlike your usual dreams, Restival stays with you. Metaphorically and physically. Because the experience never really ends. You soon realize that the new day which comes and the others which follow it, are colored with the same hue. Restival’s moment has passed but it’s left a film over your eyes through which you see life differently."- Restival guest

On the team

"I wasn’t sure what to expect but Restival exceeded my expectations. The staff were very engaging, and fully committed to having a successful event. Being a vegan I was thrilled to see many vegan choices for meals. I would definitely return for another Restival." -Restival guest


From the tribe

"If this event could’ve started in 1492, imagine what life would’ve been like. Complete opposite I suppose. Please keep it alive. Navajos are rooted deep. Nourish them forever. A lady hugged me and cried. What a beauty. "- Johnson, Navajo Artist.

From the Press

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