The Journey

When asked to visualize a great journey you’ve never experienced before, it takes imaginative power and even then it turns out different to how you pictured. So really, words cannot capture the time you’ll have at Restival because it’s so special. Like happiness, calm, good health, success, becoming part of the Restival movement  is something you own and something unique. It’s a feeling, and we’d love you to feel it.

14th September for five nights


21st September for five nights


Getting to the site is easy!

Fly to Phoenix International Airport.  Change at Phoenix to Flagstaff Airport.  From there, our shuttle bus will collect you and take you on a 45 minute journey to Restival.  Alternatively  you can drive to the site and we'll give you clear directions on how to get to us. 

From the moment you arrive, you’re warmly welcomed by one of the Restival team who hands you a freshly made organic elixir and opens up a book containing a brilliant array of modern and traditional experiences.  You'll be escorted to the ready made eco-luxe accommodation of your choice. 

Restival takes wild wellness to another level with an an exclusive annual desert gathering in Arizona where eco-luxe means going off grid deep in nature on sacred Navajo land doing yoga, meditation, sweat lodges, art, music and astronomy. Plus there’s a spa. Accommodation is luxurious individual tipis with hot showers. For an intellectually and spiritually nourishing escape.
— Wall Street Journal, February 2017