The Talented Benally Family (Video)

The Benally family is a living example of the beauty that is the Navajo culture.  They uphold all of the traditions of their Navajo foundations – they speak Navajo and perform tribal routines, their patriarch, Jones Benally is still the hoop dance champion of the world – his children, the eldest brother and sister are also a globe-trotting rock duo, Sihasin, managed matriarch Berta Benally.  and her grandchildren accompany them wherever they go.


By nightfall, the Benally family come to hang out and chat stories of stars and pastimes over dinner, before contrasting traditional and modern performances that will blow your mind. The most amazing of all? Papa Benally is around 90 years old (his specific birth date not officially recorded) and he can out hoop us all.

It is a unique privilege to spend time with the Benally family. Don't miss the opportunity to meet them this September.

Caroline Jones