Tour of Dinétah - the land of the People


This September, Navajo Peacemaker Thomas Walker will take you on a tour of the local area including Grand Falls which is the site of future volcanic eruption in a place named The San Francisco Volcanic Field.  This land includes more than 600 volcanoes, 6m years old extending for approximately 50 miles from west to east.  The field includes Mount Humphreys at 12.6k feet and Sunset Crater, which erupted less than 1,000 years ago. 

Thomas also takes you on a guided tour of his family homestead.  The Walker Family have lived on their beautiful land for centuries with no electricity or running water and it is still an active farm. Thomas' mother will make you a traditional Navajo lunch served in a Hogan or in a Tipi and you'll drink the traditional Navajo tea.  Trips like this are non-existent - it's a once in a lifetime moment and an authentic insight into the life of a Navajo family.