Shamanic Healing

Tiffany Guild

Tiffany Guild is an amazing psychic who has been working as a practitioner of many therapies, including psychic readings, for the last 18 years. When Tiffany experienced a major loss in her life in 2009 she found the shamanic path. Through shamanic healing she began to heal her loss and old wounds from the past. Through doing this work she also found the tools and ways to shamanically help others.

The shamanic path is a path of deep healing and learning, that leads to transformation and personal empowerment.

“If you have come to the point you are ready to consult spirits to know more about your life, there is nothing under the sun that you cannot do.” 
― Bangambiki Habyarimana, Book of Wisdom

We have all evolved from shamanic cultures.  All over the world there is evidence of shamanic practices going back thousands of years.  It is an ancient healing tradition and way of life.  Shamanism is nature based.  It is a way of connecting to nature and all of creation.  By strengthening this connection and through shamanic practices, we can come back to our inner truth and inner connection. Shamans can travel in non-ordinary realms.  They use their spirit relationships to create changes that will manifest in the physical world.  For the healing of an individual or community.  

Tiffany works with the medicine wheel, with the aid of a drum and guides.  You’ll journey together to find any blocks, traumas, wounds, patterns and anything that has been suppressed or not acknowledged.  Shamanic healing seeks to resolve and heal what is found so that the individual can find wholeness and happiness.  Old pain, grief, anger, sadness and shame are transformed into love, compassion, strength and connection.  Shamanic healing is holistic, balancing the body, mind and spirit.  

A 90 minute Shamanic Healing Session online (Skype) = $165.00

Psychic Readings

After doing readings for many years, Tiffany discovered that we all reach points in our lives where we need some guidance.  Her readings provide insight and clarity around any issues you may be experiencing, internally or externally.  Whether its in regards to relationships, work, emotional issues or any life situation.  Tiffany can provide answers to the questions you have.  She can also link in with the spirit world and those who have passed on, if needed.

Tiffany believes we all have the power to heal and empower ourselves.  

A 1 hour reading online with Tiffany (Skype, FaceTime, etc) = $135.00


“I have been consulting Tiffany for the last 4 years. She is incredibly insightful and intuitive. Her readings always have a profound relevance. She will take me from chaos and give me direction and perspective. She is truly a very gifted lady.”

- Debbie Caskey

"Shamanic healing with Tiffany has been the biggest blessing on my life path. She is able to cut through all of my blocks, defences, patterns, masks and release the energeric hold my past wounds have always had on me. Working with her reveals nothing but truth. The truth of who i am and who i am not. She has helped me develop my inner awareness, strengthen my mind, develop my witnessing ability and to value authenticity. I am learning to own my personal power and have gratitude and love.”

- Emma Todd Walls