Tickets are on sale now for our wisdom & wellness curated experiences

RESTIVAL arizona
14-19 august 2018

Restival's Mothership has landed! The award-winning deep dive into nature and Traditional Navajo culture is announced. 

This year, our speakers include the mother of evolution, Barbara Marx Hubbard, healer Mas Sajady, Mind Travel creator Murray Hidary and a host of our Navajo friends who'll take us on a journey into their world, their land and their traditions. 

"Where you walk, the earth does not forget you" Thomas Walker, Navajo Elder

Restival los angeles
16 june & 28 july

We can announced two Rooftop Restivals on Saturdays.  These glimpses into our world include an evening dinner, film screening and live performance.  Joined by our Restival friends from the worlds of art, film, music, meditation, beauty, traditional cultures and yoga, these beautifully curated experiences will be held in an industrial space in the heart of Downtown.  

Our LA events include a talk from the people who give their service to the residents of Skid Row. We wish to raise awareness of the homeless crisis in the city and show how music is helping the people. 

"After meeting the Navajo I felt like family. It was gratifying to be so far from home in a room with people that looked like my own family members." Style Cartel attended Rooftop Restival 2018

Restival Upstate New York
7-9 September 2018

Are you a New Yorker who needs to get away from the city without traveling too far? This is designed for with you in mind.   

A brand new private sanctuary in Upstate New York is opening it's doors to us this September where we plan to host a weekend of wellness and wonder to recalibrate the minds and reinvigorate the bodies of exhausted urbanites. 

With the mix of wellness & wisdom that Restival is synonymous with, this weekend retreat promises to be the perfect way to roll into Fall with promise and renewed energy.  

"There's no such thing as work/life balance - there's only life" Caroline Jones, Restival Founder