Restival's twice daily Yoga classes will give you the fundamentals of this important practice so that you can start or end your day on the mat when you return home.  Our Yogi in Residence, Debbie Lash is a New Zealander with her feet firmly planted on the ground.  Debbie gives you support no matter where you're at. 

Whether you're a beginner or established teacher yourself, she combines restorative and vinyasa flow together with a beautiful soundtrack and gentle adjustments.  Her teaching business in Los Angeles includes individuals, groups and children. 

Sound Healing Meditation

Sound therapy works intuitively to discover, uncover and clear blockages.  Each cell in the body communicates and participates in the vibrational orchestra that co-creates every level of one's being.  By connecting at a cellular level it allows sound and color frequencies to align your well being in a universal healthy rhythms.

The resonance of gongs captures the distinct Music of the Spheres which was first documented by Pythagoras in the 6th Century, BC.  Restival's Sound Healer Rachael Johnson is a seasoned sound artist, beginning her career in 2005 at Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.  She weaves the vibration of multiple gongs into an oceanic symphony of sound, bringing you into the deepest states of bliss.   



The Surya Suites, created by Andres Rodriguez of The Meditation Room, are compositions of solar atmosphere data, magnetic fields, and specially engineered tuning forks designed to vibrate at solar frequencies.  These subtle yet powerfully affecting frequencies restore and reinvigorate all your living fields and initiate the process of returning you to the natural rhythms that support and nourish life. 

Andres' Solar Sound Immersion is an opportunity to sit comfortably and allow a beautifully crafted series of compositions to settle you into a deep state of relaxation, calming the mind and encouraging the body to let go of its deep stresses.  The effects of these sessions can leave you feeling rested and revitalized with an enhanced sense of well being.

“Whatever happens today, which ever choice you make. Remember that the world constantly changes, that’s all it ever has done.  Awaken your curiosity, actively pursue your passions. And whatever you find, create, or grow, share it generously. Export your fulfilment to a world that’s starving without it. ”



As our modern lives seem to speed up and become evermore demanding, anxiety, fear and fatigue have become major obstacles to enjoying and fully embracing life. With daily practice of the simple yet powerful technique of Vedic Meditation taught by Andres, we can cultivate the mental clarity, physical wellbeing and emotional balance that enables us to regain a fuller, happier life



Ku Shen is a fusion of traditional Taoist and Tibetan awakening practices, designed to help you build a deep foundation and understanding of the process of awakening, or "becoming truly human". These gentle, transformational practices incorporate breath, movement of internal energy, and laughter! With Ku Shen you will experience greater clarity, calm, and access to the higher capacity of your human potential.

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Bullet Proof Breakasts at Restival



THE LAND IS SACRED - we love grandmother earth 

Restival is setting the standard for comfortable accommodations that don't compromise when it comes to quality natural ingredients with a low ecological impact. This is to all Restival events from Rooftop Restivals to Restival Arizona. We believe that comfort is essential to the restoration of your well-being. However, it is just as essential to produce a gathering with the lowest possible ecological impact. 

The energy surrounding all things Restival is clean and we aim to keep it that way and project that energy out to the rest of the world. 

From the cotton in our bed linens provided by Coyuchi to the breakfast spread each morning, everything is organic and locally sourced where possible. This makes it easier for everyone at Restival to feel good about feeling good.

Restival Global is an official Positive Luxury brand. 

“Indigenous wisdom is based on the experiential understanding of an inherent integrity to creation, and the human is part of that natural unity. This realization is awakened in indigenous people from birth.

“They grow up with a deep sense of their connection with the natural world, all other creatures and the cosmos. All of nature is a friend and relative.

“These societies experience and view the world as part of themselves, and they a part of it. They do not regard themselves as superior, or in any way opposed to nature, but see themselves as in essential harmony with all that is.

“The relation of indigenous peoples to the earth is mystical – the basis of their culture, life and spirituality. They hold special places sacred because divine-human encounters occurred in them.

“The don’t limit the sacred to a church, synagogue, mosque or temple because they know that the divine spirit cannot be contained in any building, no matter how sublime the edifice may seem to us.

“The earth itself is their church; the vast, open sky its ceiling.”

~Wayne Teasdale, from The Mystic Heart