Kiki Sunshine our Creative Yogi

You might be tired, disillusioned, wound up, depressed, and ever so slightly skeptical when you arrive at Restival. We don’t blame you; modern life takes it toll on our consciousness and our overall resilience to life’s stresses and tugs. It wears us down. It’s surprising how many people, a few days into the retreat, begin to open up to life’s beauty, being to feel the gratitude for being alive, and reflecting on what’s important. Whilst we all strive for inner peace and satisfaction be it financially or otherwise, it’s a welcome thought to be in a serene and open space where you can swerve the external forces that might be standing in the way of your dreams or desires with ease – or just your ability to sit back at the landscape at the end of the day and think,

“Today’s been brilliant, I never knew I’d open up so much and I look forward to waking up to a new day of creativity tomorrow”. Says Kiki Kolonbert.

Being around people from all walks of life, who encounter banalities of financial woe, relationship problems and health worries, remind us that we’re all the same at the end of the day. And by embracing that, you might just come away with one less load on your shoulders – a point of unity and community. And laughter, so much laughter.



Caroline Jones