Surya Suites with Andres Rodriguez


Surya Suites are a series of sound immersions created by Andres Rodriguez, inspired & informed by the Sun. Incorporating solar atmosphere data, magnetic fields, & specially engineered tunning forks designed to vibrate at solar frequencies. These subtle yet powerfully affecting immersions are designed to restore & reinvigorate all our living fields. And begin the process of returning us to the natural rhythms that support & nourish our relationship with all life.

As our modern lives seem to speed up and become evermore demanding, anxiety, fear and fatigue have become major obstacles to enjoying and fully embracing life. With daily practice of the simple yet powerful technique of meditation taught by Andres, we can cultivate the mental clarity, physical wellbeing and emotional balance that enables us to regain a fuller, happier life.

At 5:30pm every day, Andres hosts a Sound Immersion session in the Temple of Life - an opportunity to experience & explore the powerful effect that sound can have on our thoughts, feelings & perceptions. Curated as deep listening sessions, this is a chance to sit comfortably and allow a carefully crafted series of compositions to settle you into a deep state of relaxation, calming the mind & encouraging the body to let go of its deep stresses. The effects of these sessions can leave you feeling rested & revitalised with an enhanced sense of well being.  You leave the Temple with a new sense of rejuvenation and creativity.  It's a game changer, as many people will testify from 2016. 

Whatever happens today, which ever choice you make. Remember that the world constantly changes, thatโ€™s all it ever has done. Can you adapt and adjust your stride to How the weather currently is? because your world will and needs to change
Sometimes radically. If our expectations, affiliations, are all dependent on keeping things protected, certain, predictable , colour coded or future proof then it will very quickly become a dead end for good ideas, innovative relationships, creativity. We must learn to individually become the solution, the answer to all the questions, invitations, demands that your life asks of you! Awaken your curiosity, actively pursue your passions. And whatever you find, create, or grow, share it generously. Export your fulfilment to a world thatโ€™s starving without it.
— Andres
Caroline Jones