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"An intellectually and spiritually nourishing escape"
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Is life moving too quickly? 

Do you have Festival Fatigue, or do you just need a break?

Have you been looking for an escape off the beaten track with other adventurous spirits?   

Restival - "The Festival of the Future" (Soho House Magazine) - has the solution.
Discover a place where different cultures collaborate in nature & create magic together.

Restival is a wisdom & wellness festival like no other...

Together with indigenous people, wellness experts, musicians and artists, we take you on transformative adventures in hidden, off-the-grid spaces where you can unplug and reconnect to what is truly meaningful. 


Upcoming Restivals

March 2018

Restival curated a unique experience this March where two cultures combine to create an evening of never before experienced performance, where East India meets Traditional Navajo.  Saturday's Urban Retreat is just what you need to decompress.  Wisdom and Wellness are woven through the program with
Navajo bodywork in a brand new space in W6.

april 2018

City life can be brutal sometimes. Stress takes it's toll on our sleep, focus, moods, creativity and decision making.  So take a deep breath New Yorkers, Restival's City Remedy is on it's way to you to help you thrive and survive. We kick off the process of de-excitement at The Assemblage on April 11th.  An amazing set of collaborators are primed to take you to the next level of living & loving life. 

JOIN US at A SECRET VORTEX in the high desert
MAY 2018

The Wellness Festival of the Future has stepped onto the scene and wants to meet you in a hidden space far from the madding crowd. This event, entitled "Your Future Self" has curated amazing workshops and experiences to help you create your future in a geological wonderland. It's a bit of a game changer. The Future's Bright and our collaborators are incredible. 


Hear how Sarah nourished her soul in the Arizona Desert last September: 


What happens at Restival?


Spa & Sweat Lodge

“Wellness should not feel like an indulgence, but a necessity, and the feeling of wellnesss, however that looks for you is your birthright.”



Explore Nature

Restival encourages you to explore the vast countryside.  From the plains of the Arizona Desert to discovering hidden caves in Joshua Tree.  This reconnection with nature begins the process of returning us to the natural rhythms that support & nourish our relationship with all life.


Learn from Indigenous People

A highlight of our Restival experience are the special connections we make with our indigenous friends.  Restival isn't spiritual tourism, we engage with the local community with integrity and reverence to create a level playing field for both cultures to join together in peace and harmony.  We are connecting with indigenous communities around the world, shining a spotlight on each tribe's wisdom and helping to educate their children. 

Restival_Benali Family_Michael Drummond_7.jpg

Are you a single traveler or do you want to celebrate a big milestone? Listen to Ingrid's story to hear about her experience doing both at Restival.