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Evolutionary • Discovery • Sanctuary 

A transformational experience with indigenous cultures like no other

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Do you want to be happier, healthier, have peace of mind and welcome unlimited abundance?

Restival - "The Festival of the Future"  has the solution.

Discover a place where different cultures collaborate in nature & create magic together.

Restival is the original wellness festival...

We take you on adventures in hidden, off-the-grid locations where you unplug and reconnect to what's truly meaningful. 

"An intellectually and spiritually nourishing escape" 
Wall St Journal, Top Eco Luxe Retreat 2017

Upcoming Restivals - on sale now:

28 June & 7 July

"Everything is meditation. Everything is sound." Sadguru

RESTIVAL arizona
14-19 august 2018

"Where you walk, the earth does not forget you" Thomas Walker, Navajo Elder

Restival los angeles
16 june & 28 july

 "It was gratifying to be so far from home in a room with people that looked like my own family members." Style Cartel 

Restival Upstate New York
7-9 September 2018

 "There's no such thing as work/life balance - there's only life" Caroline Jones, Restival Founder 

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Restival made this guest feel thankful.

The mother of three small children joined us last year.

The best thing about Restival from Andres.

A group of girlfriends came to Restival and this was their experience.

at restival, everything is waiting for you....


Switch off completely

leave the modern world behind for a while, ditch unnecessary emotional baggage and emerge with a fresh outlook on life


Unveil your creativity

by leaving the distractions of modern life behind, we take a dive within and reveal our true selves 


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Become the member of a tribe

tune into the laws of nature by spending time with the people of the land and become the member of a tribe



Escape from modern life

The density of city life is too much for our nervous systems to handle.  We need space to be free of the factors that limit our evolution 



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Embrace your unlimited potential within the restival container


we invite you on a journey of discovery. from discovery of far off lands and the indigenous people living on mother earth to discovery of yourself and your true potential.  

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we believe that Wellness should not feel like an indulgence, but a necessity, and the feeling of wellnesss, however that looks for you is your birthright.  if you are going to experience some kind of change, you should do it in alignment with the natural rhythms of the earth in eco-luxe comfort.  



Restival encourages you to explore vast LANDS OFF THE GRID.  From the plains of the Arizona Desert to discovering THE DUNES IN THE SAHARA DESERT.  This reconnection with nature begins the process of returning us to an elevated vibration that supports & nourishes our relationship with all life.

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Restival isn't spiritual tourism, we engage with the local community with integrity to join together in peace and harmony.  We are connecting with indigenous communities around the world, shining a spotlight on each tribe's wisdom, heritage and ceremonies. 

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